Absolutely. I want you to be a happy client. Most of my clients return over and over, and this is how I like it. Please contact me if you are not satisfied with the work, and we can find a way to rectify the situation. If a resolution is not possible, you get your money back.

My preferred style incorporates elements from the Chicago Manual of Style, AMA Manual of Style, and APA Style. I also rely on the NIH Plain Language Guidelines and the work of modern professional writing innovators, such as George Gopen. I am happy to conform to the style associated with your journal or funding agency.

The copyright transfers to you when I am paid in full.

Correct. I do not offer the following services: data entry, editing directly on paper or PDF, and creating/editing figures. I do not offer proofreading as a stand-alone service, though I do check your document for errors. I also do not write papers that are assigned to students for academic credit. If you need these services, please contact me and we can work to find a solution for you.

Please also see my policy on professional editing integrity.

I am happy to work with your revised content, but there may be an extra hourly fee. In my experience, most re-writes/re-edits involve substantial amounts of new content, and tend to be difficult to predict at the start of the project. Of course, these rewrites are often essential to get the project ready for submission, and I want you to have an excellent final product. Please talk to me about your anticipated needs.