I get it. You need to run a research operation, serve on committees, attend seminars and meetings, maybe teach classes, and maybe even see patients. Then, of course, you need to “publish or perish” and develop your standing in the research community. You need all of this and a well-written grant for a chance to get funded. It is exhausting, even though you are amazing. Your grant proposal needs to be clear and compelling, and needs to provide the reviewers with a lot of what they expect and a little bit of what they do not expect. More funding means more opportunities for your research to move forward. But when will you find the time?

How can I help you get funded?

First, I can help you write a clear and compliant proposal. Second, I can help you write as if you were a native English speaker, if necessary. Both of these editing services rely on techniques that are readily available to technical writers/editors in the biomedical sciences. You should expect these from any competent editor. However, I can also help you with the magic. I can provide the “nips and tucks” needed to get you within the word limit without losing content. I can also help you bring out the strengths in your research strategy and can help you see the proposal from an outside perspective. Do I know all of the technical details of your field? Almost certainly not. However, neither do many of your reviewers. I have written my own successful grants and edited over 50 proposals. So, you can think of my work as simulated peer review.

How else can I help?

I try to be unusually encouraging. You deserve the opportunity for your research to shine. I may offer a lot of comments, but you can feel free to think about them and decide if they fit for you. It is a dialog, and you retain creative control over your work. I am always happy to explain my logic if you have a question.

Do I only work on grant proposals?

No, though grant proposals are the single biggest barrier to getting your research funded. I can also help with the documents related to your proposal, such as responses to reviewer critiques and biosketches. I can also write and edit your manuscripts and study reports. I have authored 22 research manuscripts, including publications in Science and PNAS, and have edited many research papers for basic scientists and clinicians. Plus, if we work together on a manuscript, it is an opportunity to get to know your research program and bring out those themes later in a grant proposal.

How will you know it is working?

There are some tough realities. Funding rates are low and a lot of excellent proposals are not funded. Anyone who tells you they have a 100% record is hiding the truth. The reality is that the process is incremental. Better writing does increase grant scores, and can move a good grant into the fundable category. Not only that, better writing often leads to more constructive reviewer comments. If your writing helps the reviewer understand and trust your work, that positive feeling could produce improved standing in your field, regardless of the overall score. That improved standing can lead to more seminar invitations, more collaborations, and more funding. It is all connected.


Do you need funding for your infrastructure plans?

Maybe you want to develop a stronger infrastructure in your organization. There are many funding opportunities to help you develop training programs, conferences, collaborative projects, and more. However, everyone on your team is probably already busy, and these applications are not trivial. You often need to describe not just the scientific basis, but also the collaborative structure and the commitment to diversity and the community. The approach is different from pure scientific writing. Resources need to be obtained from a variety of stakeholders, and it all has a hard deadline. I can help. I will consider both the science and the organizational strengths to craft a document that helps you put your best foot forward, on time and within the page limits. I have worked with teams of investigators to establish a new NIH T32 training program, to create a new U01 collaboration, and to renew funding for P30 awards and contracts. This expertise can be applied to your needs.

Do you want to promote the work at your organization?

Alternatively, maybe you are looking to grow your organization by describing the scientific discoveries through blogs, newsletters, and press releases. Getting the word out there can improve your position for philanthropy, from both large and small donors. It is likely that your team does not have time for these new directions, or you might need to sell the idea to stakeholders before growing your team.  Also, maybe your existing funding agencies have increased their reporting requirements or you have staff heading onto leave. I can help. I have years of experience submitting reports for my own grants, helping investigators with their grants, and preparing annual reports. Partnering with an experienced writer can avoid major headaches and keep your projects on track.


Do you need educational content?

The internet, social media, and other digital communication systems have made it easier than ever to connect with a broad community of people across the globe. Along with this great opportunity, there is also a need to transmit high-quality well-researched health information. I can work with your team to assemble educational content of all kinds, including interactive modules, brochures, web content, patient information sheets, and device manuals. I can also develop needs assessments for planning new educational content for continuing medical education. My background in this area includes many years as an instructor, supervisor, and tutor for undergraduate, graduate, and medical education. I have also worked with clinical teams to produce informed consent documents. This work requires a combined understanding of biomedical concepts and instructional design. I look forward to bringing these insights to your team.